How to synchronize your Google Calendar calendar(s)

You can synchronize your calendars in Google Calendar with Calendar42 by following these simple steps. 

  1. Go to Calendar42 & create a new calendar.
  2. Choose Google Calendar from the calendar services list
  3. If you already connected your Google account(s), you will see (a list of all of) your Google Calendar(s). (If you did not connect your Google account, see this tutorial.) 
  4. Select the calendar(s) you want to synchronize and press "Save"

Your calendars will now be synchronized with Calendar42 (it might take a couple of minutes for all of them to show up). 


  • This is a "two way sync". All changes made in Calendar42 to events from a Google Calendar are synced back to your Google account! If you want to create a new 'two way sync' calendar, you should add it in Google Calendar itself, and follow the same steps to let it show up in Calendar42.
  • Calendar42 will ONLY sync events from Google that occur in the future or no longer than 2 months in the past. Any changes made in Calendar42 will be synchronised to Google, no matter when the event takes place.
  • Also read our: Google event handling vs. Calendar42 event handling article
  • For more information: Google Calendar help

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