How to connect your Facebook account

In Calendar42 you can connect or sign up with your Facebook account.

Facebook connection tutorial

  1. NEW USERS: Go to Calendar42 & sign up for a new account (e.g. sign up with your Facebook account)
  2. EXISTING USERS: Open Calendar42 & go to settings > profiles > social profiles
  3. When you are not yet logged in with your Facebook account, Facebook will ask you to do so
  4. When successfully logged in with Facebook, Facebook asks you if you will allow Calendar42 access to the information as listed (We take your privacy seriously). 
  5. If you grant Calendar42 with access to your information, you will see the following success message and you can continue to use Calendar42 with your Facebook account.

From this moment on you can login with your Facebook account for all Calendar42 services. Depending on your settings your data, such as your events, will be synced.


  • You can always disconnect your Facebook account in Calendar42 via settings > profiles > social or in Facebook via your Facebook applications page.

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