How to navigate in the Calendar42 desktop application

Calendar views

Smart calendar list

To keep your calendar organised we have introduced the smart calendar list. Instead of showing all your calendars we only show the ones that have events in them. Next to that you also have the possibility to only see one calendar. So finding events and getting a clear overview will not be a problem anymore.

Week view

The standard view for a calendar is the week view.

Day view

For a more detailed scope the day view is provided.

List view

Since a visual representation of your events is not always the easiest to read, a very simple and smart list view of your agenda is provided.

Map view

Next to the standard time representations and views Calendar42 has a beautiful map, that actually shows your events in place.

Dashboard view

An advanced management overview is provided through the dashboard view.

Tip! You can easily track you worked hours by filtering your calendars.

Hybrid views

The views described before can also be combined.

Day & map

Week & map

List & map

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