How to create events and what to do with them

Creating an event

Every event starts with creating it, there are a couple of ways of doing this.

Grid view

In the grid view you can press, hold & drag somewhere on the calendar grid to start selecting a time frame. When you release and hit enter or click on the time slot, the event detail window pops up where you can add detailed information. An other way to create a new event is by pressing the ‘plus’ button on the left side in the top bar to open a new event pane.

List view

When you are in list view you can add a event by clicking on the ‘add event’ button which appears when you place your mouse on the day you want to add the event . If you create an event this way it will be an all-day event by default. You can change the time in the event pane. 

You can also create an event using the ‘plus’ button

Basic event

An event is defined by a title, location (optional) start time/date and an end time/date.


The optional location is automatically enriched with geo information, which results for exampling in being able to show the event on the map.


For additional information a free text description field with convenient text editing functions if provided.


To exactly know who will attend and is able to read or write on an event the participant view provides you with this overview.

Participants distance

In addition an advance features is available that shows the actual distance, and last known movement, of every invitee to the event. This options is only available in the time span of 2 hours before, until the end of the event.


With a useful chat function built right into the calendar, you can share your location, tell stories and bounce ideas without switching screens. From a single-click ETA button to Dropbox integration.


A unique feature of Calendar42 is the fact that you can add events to multiple calendars at the same time! This provides you with full control over sharing, attendance, and for example hour tracking.

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