What do these errors and warnings mean?

During normal use of the app you might see intimidating warnings or questionable exclamation marks here and there. This page is to explore these situations and gain a better understanding of how to use the app and not fear it!

1. Calendar Warning

So, lets start on the first case. If you try and press the gear button next to a calendar group name you will be lead the page showing below. This is where you can play around with the settings of your calendar. Suddenly at the bottom you will see a warning against deleting the calendar. The warning there refers to the fact that if you delete this calendar you will lose all access to the events on it permanently. In case you created the calendar then the calendar and events associated with the calendar will be deleted permanently. Since we do not keep any records of things you have asked us to delete, we will not be able to bring them back even if you wished it. But there is another implication for this warning. Say this calendar was shared with you by your friend Taylor. If you delete this calendar, then the events and the calendar itself will remain for Taylor, but you will PERMANENTLY lose access to the calendar. Even if Taylor wants to, you will not be linked to the calendar in any way. So, choose to delete wisely!

2. Re-sync Warning

Okay. So now lets see another such case. Do you recognise the screenshot below? It is the re-sync button in the advanced page of settings: This is a button we use a lot when developing new functionalities. I would love to discuss the implications this button has on cache and server callbacks. But that is too technical for now. So, unless you are disconnected from the internet while clicking this button, you need not worry. In general, stay away from this button. 

3. General Error 

These indicate that our usually fast friendship with other calendar clients is temporarily suffering from a technical problem. If these indications appear on calendar coming from Google, please make sure that you have still authenticated Calendar42 to access your calendars from your Google account. If you are unable to see something important and the app is generally not functioning as it should give us a shout-out! In most cases we will be aware of any problems and make a post said issues we are working to resolve. But please do us know if any such problems persist or recur.

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