How to import your Apple Calendar calendar(s)

Note: Please use this tutorial when your calendar(s) are already synced with Apple iCloud.

In Calendar42 you can import (read only) your Apple iCal/Calendar Calendar(s). In order to import your calendar(s), you need to publish the calendar(s) to your private Calendar42 WebDAV server, which is basically a portal that can transfer your iCal/Calendar to Calendar42.

Apple Calendar Tutorial

  1. Go to Calendar42 & create a new calendar.
  2. Choose Apple Calendar from the calendar services list.
  3. Copy the URL provided in the WebDAV field. 
  4. Open Apple iCal and select a calendar (e.g. Home, Work, School, …).
  5. Right mouse click on the calendar you want to import & select publish. 
  6. In the menu that opens define the name of the calendar you want to publish. (On the old Apple iCal set Publish to: “A private server”) 
    1. NOTE: a known bug with the (old) Apple iCal consists of the other fields not always showing when “A private server” is selected. In order to show these fields select “Mobile Me” and then “A private server” again.
  7. Paste the URL in the “Base URL” field and provide a username and password. You can either use your Calendar42 credentials, or any other user name or password. In order to auto-publish changes, you should check the option: “Publish changes automatically”.
  8. When finished press the “Publish” button. A notification with the URL of the calendar is provided. (Since you are publishing to your private Calendar42 you don’t have to copy this. All events are updated automatically in your Calendar42 account).
    1. NOTE: a known bug with the (old) Apple iCal consists of a “time-out” error being given the first time. Just press “Ok” and again on “Publish”.

Your calendar is now being processed by Calendar42. It can take a minute or two for the sync to complete. After completion your events will be shown in Calendar42.


  • For more information: iCal help
  • You can publish several calendars to the same URL, but you do need to change the name of the calendar.
  • This is a read only calendar connection.

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