Why is my current location not correctly shown on the map?

Desktop and notebook computers (unlike smart-phones) do not come with multitude of radio transmitters (3G, 4G, GSM, GPS, etc.) which are used to gather your current location(with your permission).

However you will often encounter websites, maps and Calendar42 pointing put where you are situated at the moment that you are using the computer. This helps services like search engines and maps serve you content that is relevant to you. We use it to give you relevant trip suggestions for you next schedules appointment.

This is done by querying the ISP (your internet service provider) for an approximation of the location of your internet connection. Since you are using a grounded physical wire(even the wireless router gets connected to a wire in the wall), ISPs have a reasonably accurate idea of where you are situated. However, since the location is always an approximate location, you might get the wrong representation of where you currently are. But these are always always getting updated and becoming better by the day.

However we at calendar 42 do not like waiting at all and hence have instituted editable trip suggestions where you can force the application to give you journey suggestions according to your convenience. As always we strive to make your plans as effortless as possible. 

Of course if you are not comfortable with the application accessing your location details at all, you can always click the crosshairs beside your address bar and ask your browser to stop sharing your location details.

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