How to create & edit journeys

Create linked journeys from any event with a location

You will receive journey suggestions on every event that has a location. This journey will be created as smartly as possible and will for example take your preferences (home/work location, mode of transport, etc.) and the surrounding events into account by providing you a suggestion. 

You can open this suggestion and either accept it, or adjust it to your preferences.

Create stand-alone journeys from the plus button

Sometimes you might want to create a "stand-alone" journey. A journey that is not related to any event. For doing this you can use the "+" button as shown below.

Unlink journeys from their events to edit them freely

When you see a lock icon next to for example the start or end location field of a journey it means that his field is related to an event. If you change the location of this event, the location of the journey will automatically get adjusted. Sometimes you don't want this behaviour, in those cases you can disconnect this relation by simply clicking on the lock icon and select "yes". 

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