How to add a (new) user to your service

Adding a new user is done through the service dashboard. The Service dashboard is only available to our business users and can be accessed through

1. Click the '+ Add user' button on your service page 

You can start adding a user by clicking on ‘+Add user’ in the User list or clicking on the ‘+’ just above the most recently added users in the Service Detail Page.

2. Fill in the user's email address, first and last name

Only an e-mail address is mandatory to add a new user.

The following applies to the name fields:

  • New users: If the user is entirely new to Calendar42, these name details will be pre-fills in the eventual registration form that’s sent to the user (and can still be changed by the user at that time).
  • Existing users: If it concerns an existing Calendar42 user, who is already listed with a first an last name, these field will be ignored and existing names will not be overwritten.

3. Setup the account by assigning calendars & tags

After adding a user, you are directed to the user detail page. This page states clearly wether or not this user already has a Calendar42 account. Nothing has been communicated yet, allowing you to first setup the account.

You can assign the user to calendars and tags using the 'add calendars' and 'add tags' buttons. Once calendars are added you can also allow a user to make changes to those calendars by clicking the read and write links behind the calendar name. 

Note: Often a service has a calendar containing all users. In that case make sure to also add this calendar to each user you create.

4. Invite/notify the user

After setting up groups and tags you can click on the ‘Send account invitation’ button. New users will receive an invitation with a link to register or add this, he or she can choose to register or add the e-mail address (and service they’re invited to) to an existing Calendar42 account. Existing users will receive an e-mail stating that they've been added to the service

See here an overview of the e-mail templates used for the invitation.

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