Change notes 2016

Change notes Week 28

  • Improved the performance of the /events REST API endpoint

Change notes Week 15

C42 Desktop

Start using it at:

Event Search - NEW!

C42 Desktop now allows you to find back your long lost events easily. Whether the only thing you remember was where it was, who was attending it or just a small blurb from the description: C42 will present you with the event you were looking for!

Change notes Week 9

Below you’ll find the highlights of our product updates for Week 9 2016. We’ve added many new things for you to take control over your planning. Also, we’ve improved several existing features based on the feedback we got in:
  • C42 Desktop
  • C42 Mobile
  • C42 for Business
  • C42 API

C42 Desktop

Start using it at:

Tasks - NEW

A planning process always begins with an intention to do something, sometimes it’s just completely unknown of when or even where you want to do that something.

Now, C42 Desktop offers the possibility to capture these intentions in tasks. So whether it’s an import meeting that needs to be planned in within a week, or a museum you want to visit before the end of the year, just add it to your task list and plan it in later.

Note: Currently tasks are not synced to Google Calendar. They are however immediately synced after they’ve been planned in time and part of a calendar that is synced.

Filter bar - IMPROVEMENT

The filterbar is a powerful method to create different views on your planning. Based on feedback, we’ve now made the filtering logic more intuitive. Now, the filter bar is fully focused on finding people: Tags can be used to filter certain roles, while you can also still filter on individuals.

Map visualizations - IMPROVEMENT

Until now the map only presented the locations of your planning and the routes of your expected trips. With this update it will also show you who is attending the events, both directly on the map, as in the pop-up details if you click on it.

Other improvements

  • Improved the trip suggestions algorithm

C42 Mobile

Get at: Apple App store or Android Play Store

Share your estimated time of arrival - NEW (awaiting App Store approval)

Want to send your Estimated Time of Arrival quickly to all the other participants of an event while you’re on-the-go? Now you can easily do it, straight from the chat-pane inside C42 Mobile. You tap the flag icon, we will suggest you with an ETA and with just one more tap it’s sent out!

C42 for Business

Contact us for setting up or extending your service

See availability of the team - NEW

Let your planners have insight in the availability of your team, without giving away any private information. As an extension of the filter bar, it’s a new familiar way to make even better planning decisions.

Set company-wide & personal availability pattern - NEW

Allows your employees to set a recurring availability pattern based on internal working hours and shifts. Let them add their daddy-day, set up their willingness to work night shifts or make sure weekends are not taken into account for their availability.

C42 for Developers

Check the documentation, browse our API, request an API Token or join our team!

C42 REST API Extensions

All the UI’s presented above are just one way to use our platform, underneath all those shiny UI you can find some powerful API endpoints to connect to and create your own planning & mobility experiences.


  • /search/ - perform search queries on events
  • /user-attendances/ - get the time spans where certain users are busy

  • /event-subscriptions/ - Now includes to mail, and phone number and tags of the subscribed person 

Earlier release notes

Please read our earlier change notes for updates before 2016.

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