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  1. Aegon dynamisch chauffeursplanning

  2. Browser not supported

  3. Can I get one of those awesome t-shirts?

  4. Can I host my data at my own server?

  5. Change notes 2016

  6. Connecting third party apps to your calendar42 account (Oauth)

  7. Cookies

  8. Do you expand to other areas? And if so when?

  9. Do you have a development program?

  10. Do you have access to my password?

  11. Do you have API's?

  12. Do you make backups?

  13. Do you track information on your sites?

  14. Event members

  15. Help, I accidentally created two accounts!

  16. How do you deal with security?

  17. How do you make money?

  18. How to add a (new) user to your service

  19. How to add and assign calendars or groups within your service

  20. How to add and assign tags within your service

  21. How to add your home/work location

  22. How to add/change your profile picture

  23. How to automatically check in and out on events

  24. How to bulk import users in a service?

  25. How to change your language

  26. How to chat on journeys & events

  27. How to connect (multiple) mail accounts

  28. How to connect social accounts

  29. How to connect your Facebook account

  30. How to connect your Google account

  31. How to create & edit journeys

  32. How to create application shortcuts?

  33. How to create calendars

  34. How to create events and what to do with them

  35. How to create journeys

  36. How to customize the mailing

  37. How to enable GPS usage on your device

  38. How to enable location tracking

  39. How to enable smart push notifications

  40. How to get a full feature list overview?

  41. How to get realtime stats about your services

  42. How to get the Calendar applications

  43. How to give feedback or get support?

  44. How to import contacts from your phone

  45. How to import event feeds

  46. How to import your Apple Calendar calendar(s)

  47. How to import your iCloud calendar(s)

  48. How to import your Microsoft Outlook calendar(s)

  49. How to manage your personal account (settings)

  50. How to navigate in the Calendar42 desktop application

  51. How to publish your Mozilla Thunderbird / Sunbird calendar(s)

  52. How to publish your Windows Live calendar(s)

  53. How to receive auto reminders to leave for your journey

  54. How to respond to invites

  55. How to set your automatic attendance on events, groups or journeys

  56. How to set your favorite locations

  57. How to set your name (name policy)

  58. How to set your notification preferences

  59. How to set your transit preference

  60. How to share and invite

  61. How to synchronize your Google Calendar calendar(s)

  62. How to turn automatic journey suggestions on/off and change preferences

  63. How to use & receive mail notifications

  64. How to use & receive push notifications

  65. How to use & receive SMS text notifications

  66. How to use Calendar42 without an internet connection (offline)

  67. How to use define notification masks

  68. How to use keyboard shortcuts in the Calendar42 desktop application

  69. How to use the custom branding options of Calendar42

  70. How to use the Event filter bar

  71. How to use timesheeting

  72. I don't have Chrome or Safari how to get the OSX application?

  73. I don't have Chrome or Safari how to get the Windows application?

  74. I forgot my password

  75. I received a testflight invite, how do I use that?

  76. Is Calendar42 open source?

  77. JavaScript

  78. Live traffic routing

  79. Our moral compass

  80. Payment methods

  81. Service dashboard

  82. Social profiles

  83. Status & incident page Calendar42

  84. What (open) applications do you use?

  85. What (open) web services do you use?

  86. What do these errors and warnings mean?

  87. What does it cost?

  88. What is a secure password?

  89. What is Single Sign-On?

  90. What is the Chamber of Commerce number of Calendar42?

  91. What is the current release?

  92. What is the difference between Google event handling vs. Calendar42 event handling

  93. What is your visiting address?

  94. What open data is being used?

  95. What open source database solutions do you use?

  96. What open source frameworks do you use?

  97. What open source libraries do you use?

  98. What open source Operating Systems do you use?

  99. What open source server solutions do you use?

  100. What open standards are being used?

  101. What programming language do you use?

  102. What type of calendars are there?

  103. What's a pilot code?

  104. Where are my recurring events?

  105. Where does the data come from?

  106. Which calendars can I synchronize with Calendar42?

  107. Why can't I synchronize the Google Calendars I am subscribed to?

  108. Why do my events not appear on the map?

  109. Why is my current location not correctly shown on the map?

  110. Why is my event placed in the wrong location on the map?

  111. Why is my tracking not working?

  112. Why is there a delay when I Synchronize between Google Calendar & Calendar42

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